Episode 52: Nope, That's Not Holograms!

With Micah away, Eric and Mike get together to chat about Nintendo's insanity, the New 3DS not coming to North America, Microsoft's "Holograms" that are totally not holograms, BlackBerry CEO John Chen losing his mind, and Apple Watch battery life rumours.

(My apologies for the lower-quality audio this week, especially the horrible quality in first 5 minutes. We're changing up our recording process to ensure this never happens again! -Eric)

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Episode 51: Keep You Nice And Regular

After an all-too-long holiday break, Eric and Micah are back to discuss the best of CES 2015, including Dish's Sling TV, Dell's new XPS 13 laptop, LG's G Flex 2, the Withings Activité Pop smartwatch, and much more. The guys also discuss upcoming movies, the latest Apple Watch chatter, and the recently leaked/rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air.

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Episode 50: Looking Forward to 2015

Eric and Micah celebrate the end of 2014 and their 50th episode by looking into the future. From the Apple Watch, iPhone 6S, and iOS 9, to Google Glass, Material Design, and Android M, to the battle between Netflix and HBO, the guys look forward to 2015 and speculate about where the tech industry might go in the next 365 days.

Episode 49: Looking Back at 2014

As the New Year approaches, Eric and Micah take a look back at the biggest tech news stories of 2014 to see how they've turned out. In the aftershow, the guys discuss music and share their year in Spotify.