Episode 63: Let's Talk About The Watch

Eric and Micah blast through some pop culture talk - Ant-Man, Daredevil, and Veep - before jumping into the big topic: the Apple Watch. Our thoughts on the Apple Watch reviews, hands-on impressions, try-on experiences, and what we ordered. Plus, will Micah buy the new MacBook?

Episode 62: The Worst Of The Best Is Better Than The Worst Of The Not Best

When an episode of The Segue starts with a discussion about 4K (or the reported lack thereof on the forthcoming Apple TV) you know it's gonna be a good show. We make our final Apple Watch preorder preparations, lament the Amazon Dash button, and Micah hits us with some work about Tidal.

(Note: we recorded Monday, April 6th before the Apple Watch reviews. Tune in for our thoughts next week!)

Episode 61: Existential Crisis Feelings

Eric and Micah discuss rumours of a new Apple TV box, Facebook Messenger as a platform, Facebook invading the media industry, VIP cinemas, and Fantastical 2 for Mac.

Episode 60: Look...

Eric, Micah, and Mike gather to discuss Nintendo's surprise, sudden move into smartphone gaming and the latest on Apple's long rumoured internet TV service.

Episode 59: Two Sick Old Men in New York City

Live from New York, it's Eric and Micah! We finally met in person for the first time ever and sat down to discuss Apple Watch use cases, Force Touch on the new MacBooks and its potential in future devices, the iOS public beta, Google Cal... for iPhone, Google's new Chromebook Pixel, and Canadian Snow Gods. Also we are both sick so we sound terrible. And we did not end up going to SNL. Enjoy!