Episode 56: A Case Of Poor Timing

Recorded on Wednesday, February 25th, we missed the huge net neutrality win and Apple Watch event invitations by one day. Instead we ranked our top 10 favourite comedy shows of all time, and sort of discussed the Pebble Time. We're sorry.

  1. Seinfeld
  2. Friends
  3. Will & Grace
  4. Parks & Recreation
  5. 30 Rock
  6. How I Met Your Mother
  7. Veep
  8. The Cosby Show
  9. The Office*
  10. Community

Making Time: how Pebble built its next smartwatch / The Verge

Episode 54: Hot Drinks

Eric doesn't drink hot drinks, Micah hates Spider-Man, and everybody needs to #LeaveBrianWilliamsAlone. Plus, what's up with the Twitter app, how many Watches will Apple sell, and what is it like using Photos for OS X?

Episode 53: Another Boring Windows Podcast

Eric and Micah discuss the FCC's intent to reclassify the Internet as a utility, rumours of Apple launching a new Beats-infused streaming music service and a Web TV service, the possibility of Amazon retail stores, and Microsoft's acquisition of Sunrise calendar. Plus, Michael Fassbender looks nothing like Steve Jobs, and Magic Mike XXL will feature abs. So many abs.

Episode 52: Nope, That's Not Holograms!

With Micah away, Eric and Mike get together to chat about Nintendo's insanity, the New 3DS not coming to North America, Microsoft's "Holograms" that are totally not holograms, BlackBerry CEO John Chen losing his mind, and Apple Watch battery life rumours.

(My apologies for the lower-quality audio this week, especially the horrible quality in first 5 minutes. We're changing up our recording process to ensure this never happens again! -Eric)

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